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Button Arts 

The original button was designed to be used as jewelry, a luxury that the aristocracy could enjoy until the 13th century when it received more functionality. By the time the buttons became popular and gradually returned to the homes of ordinary people, the time came of the sixteenth century. Today, with the redefinition of fashion, the functionality of the buttons has been weakened and its decorative effect has been emphasized once again. The art of the button can, therefore, be seen as a mixture of retro and innovation. 

Decorative accessories

the main feature of this model is that the buttons are used as accessories and are used in small quantities just for embellishment. This method is relatively easy to use and does not require special skills. The imagination will play a great role. We can collect buttons of different colors, fix them with iron wire, hold them in our hands or put them in vases so that we can become a beautiful bouquet. We can also use buttons similar in size and color to make a practical teacup mat. we can even use the rope to use different shapes and sizes of buttons that hang from the necklace like a special charms.

Once the special button element is used, it always gives us a refreshing feeling. Unconsciously we will be infected with this love of life. The buttons can be transformed  into clocks, coasters, calendars, bouquets, wind chimes, cushions, lamp ornaments, necklace pendants, etc. They are beautiful works of healing, and although they are different, they all make us understand the passion of the producers for life. 

In addition to chain pendants, the buttonscan also be processed into other pieces of jewelry, such as a belt. 

Some people turn the buttons into earrings. These special decorations are all artistic, daring, intelligent and realistic. To fulfill and match  these unique jewelry, unfortunately, you have to buy a wide-brimmed straw hat and a new Bohemian dress. 

We can also make buttons for hairbands and hairpins. Taking it on the head  to mock the elegance of standardization with a slight sarcasm . You can even buy semi-finished wooden buttons without dyeing. Polishing, perforating, being painted with your favorite colors, or wrapped in your favorite fabric to create a unique product with a strong personal color.

In addition, the buttons can also be made in rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Life is never a lack of beauty. What is missing is the discovery of beautiful eyes. In the same way, the beauty of condensation is valuable. The use of buttons to make jewelry is a natural gift for us so that we can express our thoughts freely that the beautiful and interesting soul has never been associated with money. 


The main elements

This type of art form consists of using buttons as the main element and a large number of them being sticked on the surface of various objects. The different shapes and colors of the buttons form lively patterns. This is called button painting. Some people put buttons on greeting cards to send special thoughts; others stick buttons to the canvas as a special color; others place buttons directly against the wall and turn them into beautiful bricks. The creation of this method requires certain skills and requires close control of colors and basic painting skills. The painting of buttons is especially suitable for the recognition of children’s’ colors, spatial imagination, and artistic creativity.  

There is also an advanced form of button painting in which three-dimensional images are created by hanging buttons in different colors. Painting like that requires more sophisticated techniques and a deeper artistic understanding. 


Carefully done artwork.

Some buttons are beautiful arts. The Desrues Button Workshop, founded in 1929, is one of the oldest craft shops in Paris and the only one for buttons making. During the glorious past of Desrues, he collaborated with Jeanne Lanvin, Madeleine Vionnet, and Christian Dior. It was later acquired by Chanel and became a subsidiary of Chanel and formed Chanels unique core competitiveness. From sculpting to cutting and polishing, each step should be marked to create each button similar to a work of art. Mrs. Chanel once said that buttons are very important. Never think of them as common buttons. Looking for beautiful and unique buttons and keeping up with the latest trends were very difficult, as it requires a lot of energy and flavor, and this was the search for elegance.



Artists and Believers 

The above describes several forms of button art, let us also pay tribute to several great artists and communicators. Their work tends to make people stunned and respected.

 Augusto Esquivel 

Artist from Miami, United States of America. He hung a button on the ceiling to make a three-dimensional painting. His works are delicate and realistic, and Augusto Esquivel always tries to use the buttons to compose some simple familiar things. His main works include portraits of American celebrities. 

Jane Perkins
From Devon, England, he was able to use a lot of ordinary people to create something inconspicuous. His collection of jewelry, buttons, toys, etc. can be used as his creation tools and create a vivid painting, in no way inferior to the rich colors Pigments!

Ran Hwang
Born in Korea, he is currently working in the United States in NewYork. She is good at using simple props to create complex and highly artisticworks. Her artistic creation is deeply influenced by Buddhist meditation andsymbolism. His works are described as "to guide the viewer in his meditationand nihilism and to be satisfied and enlightened in his empty places. 

from China is passionate about the promotion and dissemination of culture and art and understands how well consumer demand and market trends.His choice of wooden garden floret series was acclaimed on Amazon.He is currently involved in the establishment of a vertical website for cultural and artistic work and focuses on global consumer trade. This is his dedication to the belief in art. 

The art of buttons was not universally recognizedby the world. The good news is that more and more children now use buttons tocreate. Maybe this type of art will have a more diverse manifestation a fewyears later. Take the mouse and buy some buttons for your kids! 


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