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Who likes a boring plain wall? It has no substance. It doesn’t add to the beauty of your space or add any cosiness to it. There are several ways in which you can dress up walls at your home or your work place. These add warmth and speak a lot about your personality.

Replace the wall with other elements

If it is possible for you to get the wall removed, do it. This will instantly light up the area and make it energetic.

  • You can place a screen and decorate it to show your artistic skills. 

  • People who love the aura created by books can place a bookshelf in its place.

  • There is another way in which you can enhance the grace of your area. Put some curtains made with sheer fabric. It will allow a lot of light to pass yet create that partition.
  • You can also choose to put a glass wall in place of the brick and mortar wall. It will make the space look bigger yet add that sense of security.
  •  Do not like any of the above suggestions? Simply place a wooden shelf and use it for multiple tasks.

Carve out niches in the wall

You can drill big holes in the wall with the help of professionals. These can be used for storage and also for decorative purposes to showcase artefacts.

  • If you use it for storage, you can cover the holes with paintings or curtains.Now, in addition to reducing the space occupied and increasing the storage functionality, we smash holes in the walls, but also emphasize the decorative nature and enhance the sense of design.
  • If you use these niches as showcases, you can also get some fancy lights added to highlight those artefacts.
  • It is also possible to use niches at the corners to allow better penetration of the line of sight..
  • Before you make a hole, make sure you understand that the structural stability of the wall should not be destroyed, but also pay attention to the various cables hidden inside the wall. PS: Do not want to transform the circuit, but want to increase the light partner Please note that there are many lights in the market can be powered by batteries, control the switch with voice-activated or infrared.

A wall must not be demolished as such. Nor, it must be modified without knowledge. Care must be taken so that it doesn’t affect the structure or push the load-bearing wall. Also, the walls might have concealed cabling and you would not want to touch the electric circuits. So you should know not to remove such walls. So,professional help is always advisable.

    Paint the walls with bold and bright colours

    You can get rid of boring white walls by painting them with bright, vibrant colours. Each colour speaks a different story. 


    • Some people use blank space to express the level of subtlety and balance of space; some people are bold and wild, and directly use color blocks to describe the compatibility of art.

    Drawing and Wall Stickers

    But not everyone is a fan of colours to express their feelings. Some people enjoy subtle and light spaces. There are others who are wild and bold enough to touch a wall and paint it to their heart’s content.

    • Stickers are an easy replacement to painting. You can instantly remodel a wall by just putting big stickers that are absolutely creative. You can change the entire personality of the room by putting these stickers according to your taste.
    • Some people just use wall stickers as an embellishment.
    • In addition to wall stickers, there are toilet stickers, switch stickers, and glass stickers. Also gives us creativity.

      Just like stickers, wallpapers can also instantly transform the space. These come in a variety of patterns and textures. The best thing about wallpapers is that there are options for all kinds of personalities. There are subtle as well as vibrant choices available.

    Install shelves board on the wall

    The installation of shelves on the wall not only increases the storage space, but also enables various designs through the combination of space, shapes and elements. 


    • Let us make a newspaper rack. The style is immediately different.
    • Installing a whole board or net for fixing the ornament on the wall can increase the functionality and bring a heavy practical style.

    Photo Wall

    Brightening up the space with memorable photographs that you take at various stages of your life is a brilliant choice. It adds happiness and personality. Moreover, you can cherish your memorable photographs every day. At the same time, it comes at a very cheap cost.

    • Through the combination of the photo frame on the wall, various shapes can be formed and become the most traditional photo wall. At present, there are sales on all major e-commerce platforms, and installation is very simple.

    • And I'm here to strongly recommend some styles that can be acquired cheaply and that need to be made by yourself. These methods can bring a unique, distinctive look and feel.

    Adorn your wall with ornaments

    With beautiful arts and crafts to decorate the wall, color and shape with the wall, complement each other. However, ordinary decorative arts and crafts are too standard. Although beautiful and well-designed, they cannot leave a deep impression on people. Let’s take a look at the methods that are cheap but can bring a strong personality release:

    • For example: Hang a clock made by yourself, Or to make an art craft with bottle corks, Or to hang a weaving tapestry.
    • You can also collect dried branches to make a craftwork. The weirder the shape is, the more beautiful it is.
    • With a few nails and different colors of string can create an alternative decorative picture.
    • With many bottle caps can combine a beautiful art craft work.
    • With old jeans, you can also make a decorative item.

    • Even bottles can be made for beautiful decoration,like that dress up your wall.

     In fact, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Imagination and hard work are the main elements that need to be paid. We may not have time or money, but we cannot lose our "creation" heart. "Creation" represents our dedication to happiness and our love of life. With these DIY crafts with a strong personal touch, your walls will be different and your life will be different.


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