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I reside and work in Tianjin my hometown. The second world intelligence was held in Tianjin and it commenced on 16th may and lasted till 19th may. It received the expected limelight and worlds leading technology experts were in attendance. Such as Feng Peide, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Aircraft Navigation Expert; Zhang Zhaozhong, Military Reviewer; Peter Van Blyenburgh, President of International Drone Systems Association; Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors; Richard Liu, Chairman of Jingdong Group; Zhou Hongyi, Chairman of 360 Group and so on.

We graced the occasion on may 18 since it is the same day the event was open to the public.

Some firms marketed themselves by showcasing their prowess in toys and robots. They aim to sell robot-based training for kids. Some technology firms promote their products through VR and AR awareness. However, some firms have poor client management personnel. They end up portraying themselves as not only proud but also arrogant. "Some-soft" is the perfect example. Their set up was a big logo and misarranged tables which doubled as negotiation centres. Furthermore, they were not sincere with us about their products. On the other hand, the firms that used posters and paintings, monitors and a beautiful PPT to attract and familiarize clients with their dealings turned out to be very sincere.

The cutting-edge technology which was on display by a large number of exhibitors was eye-catching. A combination of smart automobiles and autonomous cars was on the forefront. These with the diverse applications of UAVs attracted plenty of viewers


Numerous firms tried to showcase the powerful human and machine interactions. Robots take the centre stage but the place is quite noisy for clear audibility which hinders the speed and preciseness of the robot language.

human and machine interaction

There is an Alibaba booth which is a hub of activity and is showing a variety of unmanned categories: automatic borrowing system, automated clothing system and an automated sales system for identification and price of a commodity through its RFID code.

Another technological product which caught my attention is a mobile phone recycling application. This application has a system of evaluating old mobile phones and scanning their surfaces to estimate how much they should cost. After scanning your device and displaying the price they would offer for it, you would cash it in. Just as simple as that which raised several questions: Is there a security prompt before connecting and scanning a handset to determine its worth? Is possible to confirm the authenticity of the device? Lack of the proper security measures can create just another leeway to cell phones acquired illegally.

mobile phone recycling

Skynet system was presented too. It is a combination of satellite systems and monitoring applications. The whole system is based on facial recognition technology. It is advanced and can be used to provide technical support for schools, workstations and conferences. This system is heavily relied on in smart transportation and intelligent signal light emission among other transport fields.

SkyNET facial identify

Many firms showcased their postmodern intelligent logistics systems and tools. Among them are automated warehouse sorting and storage system and a transportation robot. The JD further displayed distribution robots and drones which are being poised to be used in the near future.

Logistic Robot

Just before the industrial automation and robot display stands, there is a crowd of keen observers. It is evident that the robots can carry out manual jobs. Several software firms avail cloud-based information services and security technology systems. Industrial automation enjoys both a catalyst and stabilizer.

Industry Robot

cloud computing

A Chinese military firm displayed string exoskeletal technology. This exoskeleton has the ability to boost human capabilities even in healthcare.


The intelligent pension was the last bit to be demonstrated. This exhibition highlighted the importance and application of future based intelligent technology to cater for the aged. It was a concept based display though it will clearly lay a basis for future operations. This is because we will live in an information transparent world where automated of automobiles and machinery will be interacting with humans on daily dealings and it will be easy to attend an online meeting and view an exhibition. The exoskeleton will come in handy in assisting with the technical manual work, industrial tasks and logistics and factory productions. The means of transport we use rely on intelligent transportation. We also have different technological support in our homes embedded on the Internet of Things. It is evident that no one will be able to evade the technological and automation influence. People who go for early retirement will enjoy technological benefits of intelligent retirement.

intelligent pension